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Half An Hour Job

by Robert Westerlund

<p>Mona Lisa was a time-consuming project compared with this &quot;half an hour job&quot;. To transform this black&amp;white image into colours was much easier. However, her colours may be wrong. I have not seen her in real life. Perhaps her hair should be black/brown instead of red/chestnut? Her eyes? Have I neglected any spot? I do not know, but it is not so important. &quot;The interesting thing about a waltzing bear is not how well it dances.&quot;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Photo: Waldo Sweigers, <a class="currentContextLink" id="contextLink_stream8265503@N04" href=""><strong><font color="#0063dc">waldo_swiegers&#39; photostream</font></strong></a> </p> <p>Link: <a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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  • 26/02 2009

    Robert Westerlund

    Thanks a lot Roberto! You flatter me. You have a lot of experience of PS, I believe, and I am convinced that you easily could manage/fix a similar job in a short time :)
  • 26/02 2009

    roberto blake

    This is absolutely amazing work! and in only a half hour!
  • 10/01 2009

    Robert Westerlund

    Thanks a lot Claude!
  • 10/01 2009

    Claude Meilleur

    Nice work! 5*
  • 13/12 2008

    Robert Westerlund

    Thanks a lot Sylvia! All things, complicated or simple, can be performed well or not so well. This was not a complicated thing, but I am glad if I have managed to do a well job and that you like it :)
  • 12/12 2008

    sylvia bisotti

    Fantastic painting and really good technique! 5!
  • 12/12 2008

    Robert Westerlund

    Thanks a lot Mirian! But that is an exaggeration, I think. OK, her beautiful face, which I happened to find, is 10, I agree with you ;)
  • 12/12 2008

    Mirian Montagni de Bakker

    Sensacional,merece 10... 5*
  • 05/12 2008

    Robert Westerlund

    Welcome and thanks Andy and Ricky! I think that many artists are afraid to work with B&W pictures. I wanted to show that it can be an easy and quick operation (layer, B&W, Tint, etc.). Yes, her eyes are too green (even for an Irishman). Ha,ha, it was a lo
  • 05/12 2008

    richard turgeon

    Nice striking transformation here Bobby! :0)
  • 04/12 2008

    Andy Wells

    really clever, but yes the eyes are a little too green. But as SaraH says it doesn't really matter. #5
  • 04/12 2008

    Robert Westerlund

    Thanks Alan! Actually I think that her hair is almost black in reality. But the colour of her eyes is a tricky question, I think.
  • 04/12 2008

    Robert Westerlund

    Thank you Sarah! I agree with you, she has green eyes like nobody else. I also have green eyes, but more like grey-greenish, with a bit brown/yellow near the pupil. Yes, red and green colours go well together.
  • 04/12 2008

    alan clarke

    nice i love red heads ok with me *5
  • 04/12 2008

    Sarah Haras

    Like it very much, the eyes are too green to be true, but that doesn't matter really, it goes well with the colour of her hair. 5*