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Mini Green And Clean

by Timothy Wise

Yet another design created for the mini space image contest.  This one was done with custom brushes and a couple wet media ones as well.  Over all the image is rather simple yet there's a lot going on in there and I love the overall feeling of the image.
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  • 07/08 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks for the feedback Bert, as much as I liked doing the other MINIcooper images, this one truly brought joy as a result of all that brush work and bleeds. It really opened me up to the world of painting in Photoshop
  • 06/08 2009

    bert Dorazio

    very nice effects and brushwork
  • 02/06 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Rory, the folks at MINI liked it but at the end of the day it didn't win anything. It was still really fun to design
  • 07/01 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Partner! While I would like to win the contest it was just fun being able to design for a basic theme or idea. That's why I love the Forum challenges
  • 06/01 2009

    Urban Carlsson

    Great! love the colors, good luck!
  • 05/01 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Ellen! The MINI contest is over soon so lets see what the staff members think. I refuse to beg for votes so I'm not in 1st place but I still have my soul, ha ha ha.
  • 05/01 2009

    Ellen Allmye

    Adorei as cores, parabéns! 5*
  • 27/12 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Ricky, I wouldn't exactly say this was easy as an image, it did take me about 2 hours to finish, ha ha ha. Really though, I like this one the best out of the MINI contest images...just feels bright and alive
  • 27/12 2008

    richard turgeon

    5* Pretty well multimedia application nicely done! We can see the ease you have with bringing many elements into one great piece! :)
  • 27/12 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Sylvia, cars have always been in my blood so this MINI contest allows me to build upon my love of autos.
  • 27/12 2008

    sylvia bisotti

    I think your best series of Pics have cars on it ( is not easy )this one as well is in my opinion very good:5!
  • 17/12 2008

    Timothy Wise

    I don't think I'll win a thing to be honest. If you see the winners of the past contests it was a popularity vote and then the mini staff chose an odd image for the MACbook prize. Oh well, it's still fun to design
  • 17/12 2008

    Dan Madinabeitia

    This is really well done. I've seen some of your other designs for this contest. Are you going to win this thing or what?
  • 16/12 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Hayley, every time I look at this image I feel good. I think it's the bright colors ;-)
  • 15/12 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Angela, I really wanted to show an energy through the colors in this one so I'm happy it shows
  • 15/12 2008

    Angela Giusto

    The design is striking and the bright colors are wonderful.
  • 15/12 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you everyone! I really like this images as well and really had a lot of fun designing it.
  • 15/12 2008

    Danielle Dixon

    brilliant bright colours!!!
  • 15/12 2008

    alan clarke

    agree with sarah it has a Brit feel to it and is that a light bulled with wings in the back ground great image *5
  • 15/12 2008

    Sarah Haras

    Nice bright colours and the silhouette of the typical Brit looks very good on the image, 5*