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by Solitaire Miles

<p><span class="story_comment">Listen to excerpts from my new CD, and become a part of My Music<br /><br />This time I want to do it on my own. No label, indie all the way. Armed with some wonderful new arrangements, I have lined up Chicago&#39;s best musicians and guest artists, including Willie Pickens, Paulinho Garcia, Art Davis, Jim Gailloreto, and Neal Alger, to name a few. My new record has been in production for several months, and is completely recorded, with the exception of some dubbing and tweaking here and there, but I am almost out of funds which we still need for mixing, printing, and promotion. I need donations of around $5,000, so please help, and become a part of my new album in in exchange for some wonderful gifts and services. I promise to make a first rate and unique record with your support. Donators will receive prints of my artwork, signed CD&#39;s and much more, check here for details <a href=""></a><br /><br />Wouldn&#39;t you rather invest in the original work of creative musicians who actually conceive the art, than support superficial mega-corporations? The time has come when we need to support independent musicians, and not the Corporate Big Brother&#39;s of the music industry, or of any industries for that matter. Fight Big Box, pre-programmed, mediocre music and support indie artists like Me. I realize that times are tough right now for everyone, and as a musician and artist working in Chicago I am still trying to produce new, authentic jazz.. Thank You in advance for any help you may be able to provide...</span></p> <p><span class="story_comment">*This is a combo of photomanipulation and digital painting with a Wacom</span></p> <p><br /></p>
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  • 06/03 2009

    Claude Meilleur

    I always enjoy your work. Beautiful results! 5(*
  • 06/03 2009

    richard turgeon

    Very nice image and stunning color palette used! 5* Like it very much! :)
  • 05/03 2009

    Sarah Haras

    Very beautiful, love the way you make the roses come back in the background :)