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Dark Room 2

by Lars Netzel

<p>Painting on the wall was&nbsp;made using three overlapping shots (with my crappy&nbsp;2.1 megapixel camera) and then merged with photomerge in CS3.&nbsp; The frame was done using the tutorial in Issue 26 about framing but I used my own wooden texture. The same texture was also used for the flooring. </p> <p>Perspective was kept with Vanishing Point.</p> <p>Wallpaper pattern was &quot;stolen&quot; from an existing wallpaper.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
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  • 18/09 2007

    Lars Netzel

    Thank you! Yes it looks a bit like an older PC 3D game which wasn't really my intention and I guess it's the textures fault. A better Wooden texture might have given this image a more realistic look. It's a task for Dark Room 3 I asume:)
  • 17/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    Hi Lars, interesting that between this and Dark Room you're developing a bit of a style with your use of light and shade and how that affects the perspective of the room. The result is that this shot has a depth and takes on a strangely 3D quality.