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by Emerald de Leeuw

Anything is possible if you just imagine..<br /> <br /> -<br /> <br /> I thought I would never finish this. I painted it all completely and was about 3 hours from finishing it (after spending about 40 hours on it) and i overwrote the file!<br /> It was huge and I replaced it with the tiny version I had to show my boyfriend. So that was stupid!<br /> I decided after much frustration to make it all over again so here it is.<br /> <br /> Painted completely in photoshop CS with the use of a wacom intuos2. <br /> <br /> The dress was a killer but I really wanted to practice a bit with my fabric skills since I&#39;m still really lacking them. <br /> I learned a lot with this one. Hope you like it!<br /> <br /> Enjoy!
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  • 15/05 2009

    Brittany Butts

    Your fabric skills are remarkable. In my opinion, anyway. I have no skill there. But I can see how on her hem at the bottom left and near her feet that there is a shear layer and it really shows there. You've done a fantastic job with this. I'
  • 09/03 2009

    Sarah Haras

    Heel erg mooi, alles, het draakje vind ik ook geweldig en het elfenbankje waar ze op zit. 5* :)
  • 09/03 2009

    Alan Tye

    Fantastic image Emerald! I like the composition, colouring, and the dress is a very interesting design. I'm glad you decided to redo the image. 5*