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Die Macht Der Medien Auf Unser Leben

by Martin J. Craggs

<p>Die Macht der Medien auf Unser Leben</p> <p>(The power of advertising/ Media on our lifes) ....&nbsp;&nbsp; </p> <p>If you look at this foto quickly, most people jsut think wow.. nice looking girl...&nbsp;&nbsp; but if you look longer and closer you will realize that she seems sad (the way the head turns down etc) and she is tied up, but these ties are so loose she could slip out of it, but she doesn&acute;t.&nbsp; </p> <p>More and more people are distroying themselves because of all these perfect model images we get burned in our subcontion.&nbsp; Of course we all have some parts we would like to look better...&nbsp;&nbsp; I only fotograf people who wouldn&acute;t think they look good enough for a poster or so.. and show them what&acute;s possible... what big difference it makes just to set the light use a good camera and so on...&nbsp;&nbsp; In REal advertising they all are professionals...&nbsp;&nbsp; a Life which we &quot;normal&quot; working persons couldn&acute;t live up to....</p> <p>A project i startet some years ago.&nbsp; have about 200 images for this project finished, and more to come.....&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p>
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