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Pop Now

by Timothy Wise

<p>Model Credit goes to Rammkitty from DeviantART ( <a href=""></a>&nbsp;)</p> <p>I spent a couple hours on this in an attempt to bring out an 80&#39;s style pop feel with geometric shapes, blending, and a couple new tricks artists seem to use these days.</p> <p>Highly&nbsp;suggest checking out the site for Rammkitty, her stock photos are amazing and worth using in your artwork.&nbsp; Be sure to give her credit...she&#39;s awesome!</p>
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  • 26/12 2009

    Timothy Wise

    I wish I could claim credit for the ink on the eye however it was already on the model. Sorry, but thanks for the comment ;-)
  • 25/12 2009

    Marta K

    Such a fun colorful piece. I think you have definitely accomplished the 80's look. The tat was an awesome touch.
  • 28/04 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thought Rory was the only one to use that tutorial, ha ha ha. You do these things but rarely do you hear back from other artists who have tried. Getting mixed reviews now between color and Black and white version...still hope for the colored one yet, ha
  • 28/04 2009

    Sarah Haras

    Fantastic image Timothy, and thanks for your tut in AP, I've already used it several times :), btw prefer the coloured version, but they both look great
  • 27/04 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Veronika...I figured out a lot doing this image...New tricks but a lot of old ones as well
  • 27/04 2009

    Veronika Velkova

    Fantastic work and composition! Well done
  • 27/04 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Simon, seems like most people like the B&W version as well
  • 27/04 2009

    Simon Skellon

    I don't know which one I like best, the b&w or colour! nice work Tim