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Reflections Of Our Past - "infinite Future Chaos"

by Nicholas Iler

This was an image I downloaded for the &quot;Infinite Future Chaos&quot;&nbsp; challenge. There are lots of masks in this piece to get all the different colors to blend. The main focus is future going backwards and nothing but dark beauty left. I gave the text an incoherent look because the future is murky, and not easy to predict. I wrote future backwards because history repeats itself. What changes is how we adapt to the future. Will we adapt? I hope so&hellip; for our sake.<br />//<br />Many nights and hours staring into this image making changes here and there until I reached this point. Funny, it appears I have come full circle and back where I started from. The image has become itself. It is now the original of its original. Waiting upon a dormant download for someone else to gain inspiration from or keep it in its originality, entirely. <br />//<br />Thank you for glancing at my Visions,<br />Let us all make a beautiful future together.
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  • 31/10 2007

    Nicholas Iler

    Thanks, Twiggy, Anders, OrbitGal and Susi. I have some other visions I'll be working on soon !-)
  • 23/10 2007

    susi Lawson

    Crazy cool!
  • 15/10 2007

    Kim Martin

    i love your vision and would love to see more of your work...
  • 10/10 2007

    Anders Nielsen

    agree fantastic job i really like way the colours is blending at the sky.....sorry for my bad english
  • 05/10 2007


    Great image Nicholas fantastic job:)
  • 04/10 2007

    Nicholas Iler

    Thanks Bill and Peter, I really appreciate the comments. I didn't want this piece to be connected with reality. My opinion is that the future cannot have a reality attached until it has passed. Life happens, and then the reality sets in. Therefore, fu
  • 04/10 2007

    Bill Funk

    Hi Nicholas! There's lots going on here and the colors are amazing. I have to agree that it's hard to find an anchor on reality with this, but taken purely as art, this works for me. I like the way the road draws you into that awesome sky and yo
  • 03/10 2007

    Peter Clark

    Ah, looks amazing. I need to get used to making artistic stuff like this. At they aim for Photorealism so art things like this never go through. Amazing chop though, i love it.