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by Anne Pogoda

A matte painting I did to practice backgrounds. I had to fight much for this because it is in a format not many people use, but I have seen many good artists using it and got inspiration from them.<br /> However, I originally wanted to attach a little story to it, cause I imagined it as setting for a DarkTown story in which airships supply people with what they need, and get shot down by the rebels.<br /> Hum, I might add this storypart to my blog if I find a muse, later.<br /> What else is to say? Well actually this is the second one of two sceneries I wanted to publish, but the first one, which is no other than a remake of the iceberg painting I had produced at company for a customer, is not completely finished by now.<br /> Here are my refs, and the photo in the middle is a stockphoto I used as base pattern:
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