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I Died

by Anne Pogoda

"You killed me, but I will keep watching over you, sothat it will always remind you of what you have done!" I was flipping pages of a Victoria Frances artbook and suddenly started to wonder if I could paint a crying lady with some gothic style elements, too. So I chose some sad music and started working. In her art they are generally crying most of the time. But I wanted no blood. So I aimed for a sad person who was human once, generally my white girl that you may I have painted since my early works, but this time as ghost, and saw how it could develope. I also spent a lot of time on the detail of her dress. Part of it was created with a texture that I had shot with my photocamera, and the other half is just insanely time consuming painterwork.
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  • 07/05 2009

    Sarah Haras

    I admire your work, but here the arms seem very long and i can't spot the girls left hand?