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The Seraph Strain

by Solitaire Miles

<p>Come hither, Child <br />by Emily Jane Bront&euml; </p> <p>Come hither, child-who gifted thee <br />With power to touch that string so well? <br />How darest thou rouse up thoughts in me, <br />Thoughts that I would-but cannot quell? </p> <p>Nay, chide not, lady; long ago <br />I heard those notes in Ula&#39;s hall, <br />And had I known they&#39;d waken woe <br />I&#39;d weep their music to recall. </p> <p>But thus it was: one festal night <br />When I was hardly six years old <br />I stole away from crowds and light <br />And sought a chamber dark and cold. </p> <p>I had no one to love me there, <br />I knew no comrade and no friend; <br />And so I went to sorrow where <br />Heaven, only heaven saw me bend. </p> <p>Loud blew the wind; &#39;twas sad to stay <br />From all that splendour barred away. <br />I imaged in the lonely room <br />A thousand forms of fearful gloom. </p> <p>And with my wet eyes raised on high <br />I prayed to God that I might die. <br />Suddenly in that silence drear <br />A sound of music reached my ear, </p> <p>And then a note, I hear it yet, <br />So full of soul, so deeply sweet, <br />I thought that Gabriel&#39;s self had come <br />To take me to thy father&#39;s home. </p> <p>Three times it rose, that seraph strain, <br />Then died, nor breathed again; <br />But still the words and still the tone <br />Dwell round my heart when all alone. </p> <p>This was inspired by Picasso&#39;s earliest work.&nbsp; I didn&#39;t quite get the smoothness of his tones, but I really tried for the look in the child&#39;s eyes.</p>
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  • 19/11 2010

    charlotte Copik

    your work is absolutely stunning, they all look like old masters...I will have to keep practising!! :)
  • 12/01 2010

    Relic Oboogie

    Wow, nicely done.
  • 12/11 2009

    Roi Owens

    I was playing in the face offs when this image stopped me in my flurry of voting. such a beautiful image, so calming so brilliant. an all time favorite.
  • 13/10 2009

    Zi O

    I'm in awe.....your art is wonderful!
  • 03/06 2009

    jeff burgess

    love your recent submittals.....WOW....*****
  • 28/05 2009

    Mario Rosanda

    Nice work, and I like the lirics too.
  • 26/05 2009

    Martina Kurt

    very beautiful! Nice mood...
  • 26/05 2009

    Sarah Haras

    beautifully done