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My Daughter, Myself

by susi Lawson

My daughter recently left on a trip I did not want her to take, but being 18 I could not stop her. Before she left , we had bought a Norah Jones CD and on the back was a sort of dark moody portrait that my daughter loved and she asked me to work on one of her while I was gone. This really flattered me as she hates to have her picture taken and I really wanted to please her and give her something to hang on her dorm wall this Fall. As I was painting this in Photoshop I began to realize the face was as much my own as it was hers. I started thinking about what I was like at 18 and I had taken off to the outta Banks of NC and lived there a year , not knowing a soul there. I thought about how smart and capable my daughter is and as I painted I began to trust her more and worry less. I somehow just knew that she would be okay and would make it home without mishap. When she came home tonight , the first thing she said was “God, I missed you so much, you don’t even know” and then she said “You know , we are so much alike you and I”.. and I felt she and I had both grown and …indeed became more of one another while accepting that she is very much her own person. She loves the portrait! and I love that she loves it! I am blessed.. (like most art and life, I am not sure I am finished with this)
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  • 16/08 2009

    susi Lawson

    Thanks Andy! So glad you like it!
  • 15/08 2009

    Andy Wells

    What a terrific story....I could almost see a movie starting to appear out of it. I love the picture as well...simple eyt really effective.
  • 09/08 2009

    susi Lawson

    Thank you Alan!
  • 09/08 2009

    alan clarke

    i agree Wonderful piece! Wonderful story!
  • 07/08 2009

    susi Lawson

    Oh Thank you!!! I just arose, after being up to the wee hours finishing this piece, it is so heart warming to see how well it has been received by the PC Buds here! It is such a gift to me to know my daughter wants one of my creations on her dorm wall! Th
  • 07/08 2009

    Oksana Podrez

    I like your style so much, Susi. All of your pieces are wonderwork.
  • 07/08 2009

    Sarah Haras

    Fantastic work Susi, love the story behind the picture
  • 07/08 2009

    Relic Oboogie

    I really dig this Susi. 5*
  • 07/08 2009

    Zi O

    This is so cool-it draws you in and via the image tells a story. To share more in addition as to what is taking place behind the scene is a bonus. Thank you I thoroughly enjoyed the view.
  • 07/08 2009

    Margaret Castoria

    Beautiful! I'm amazed by your work, a great touch to add the titles of the books!
  • 07/08 2009

    Alan Tye

    Wonderful piece! Wonderful story!
  • 07/08 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    wow amazing, beautiful to see the story behind the picture, and it is lovely!!!! She'll be proud to put that on her dorm wall!! I like to see a slightly darker piece of work too