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Twilight Painting

by Callie Fink

OMG PICTURE OF THE WEEK!?!?!? Thankyou very much to everyone on photoshop creative website!!!!!!!! wow omg!!!!! this means so much i appreciate it!!!!!!!! :O I painted EVERYTHING on here, i used 2 brushes only. i even painted the little patterns and ridges on the clothes, OMG it was so tedious............. By the way for a sketch, i used grids. and i used 3-4 layers total for the painting and shading after i merged the painting to one layer to complete it overall. Twilight belongs to Stephenie meyer I referenced this off the big twilight movie poster. Time: 60+ hours, used photoshop elements 5.0 Also, congratulations to deviantART for 9 years!!! happy birthday dA!! and thankyou to everyone who wished me a happy 15th birthday, it was really fun. thanks for the 20k+ pageviews as well. it means alot everone. ^^ ------------ *edit* photo reference => AND here are the steps on my picture on how i painted it, can be viewed here=>
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  • 26/01 2010

    Lady Amarillis

    Beautiful work!
  • 10/12 2009

    Marta K

    So very well done, and love the light here, you sure are talented, way beyond my know how.
  • 29/08 2009

    Ida Larsen

    yay this is so deserved! *hugs*
  • 27/08 2009

    christine moody

    wow, you are amazingly good. wow.
  • 23/08 2009

    alan clarke

    just a WOW from me fantastic and gongrats on winning POW and i a sure it won't be the last 6
  • 20/08 2009

    Callie Fink

    oh my gosh thankyou SO MUCH everyone for the Picture of the week!!! ahhh this means so much i realy appreciate it!!!!8D
  • 19/08 2009

    Rosie Tanner

    Great image - lovely contrast
  • 19/08 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    very talented young man too!! all these talented young people haha, me jealous no :-)
  • 18/08 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    i only just saw your age!! your very talented for someone so young!
  • 18/08 2009

    Margaret Castoria

    Incredible! Beautifully done. Congratulations on photo of the week!
  • 17/08 2009

    Sarah Haras

    Congrats on winning POW Callie, think you're the youngest winner ever :)
  • 17/08 2009

    Zi O

    This is beautiful work!
  • 10/08 2009

    Sarah Haras

    Fantastic work Callie :)
  • 10/08 2009

    Alan Tye

    Awesome job Callie!! Very well done!!
  • 10/08 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    wow this is amazing, the detail is fab and the texture on the clothes. Perfect shadow and highlights. Im a bit fan of the books but this is great work you should be proud, and in elements too!