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Big Fishing

by Bill Funk

<span class="small">The guy on the right actually had something on his line that was still in the water. I shot the Dolphin at an aquatic show in the Algarve a year later. With Photoshop, I positioned it to follow the gaze of the other guy. It was impossible to import all the tiny splashes and droplets with the dolphin photo, and I spent many hours to clone these in from a series of selected ones. Lightning in background was drawn with Photoshop tools.</span>
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  • 15/10 2008

    Bill Funk

    Merci Ricky encore une fois... en tout cas, j'aurais voulu faire cette photo avec un requin, mais je ne travail q'avec mes photos à moi. Le jour que je fais un sortie scuba, je le changerais. Et maintenant, un petit saut chez toi pour voir ton c
  • 13/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Belle interpretation d'une partie de peche Bill! Je ne crois pas que ma conjointe serait d'accord avec cette image car le dauphin est son animal prefere! :0) Ne t'inquiete pas, je ne le montrera pas! En passant, tu peux visioner ma conjointe s
  • 22/10 2007

    Peter Clark

    Ah yeah, I did an image I named "life bulb" that has some water streams and droplets I made with the cloning/brush tool as well. I wish they didn't spend a whole week to accept it though. It still has that darn * beside it. >:[
  • 21/10 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Peter. For sure I was lucky to get such a dramatic sky in the mix, and I was already happy with the picture without the dolphin. I don't think my shutter speed was all that fast-probably around 1/500 sec. The droplets look frozen because I to
  • 21/10 2007

    Peter Clark

    HAH, i love this image. The dolphin photo is absolutely amazing. My camera never has the shutter speed for those kinds of shots. The clouds on the horizon line look awesome as well.
  • 07/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks for the kind words Era, and a good day to you too!!
  • 07/09 2007

    Era Shevtsova

    Wow.. Really big!.. Thank you BillyBoy for the comments you left on my images! I appreciate that alot. Like your lictures and your creative mind. I checked out your site - very nice I would say. Have a good day! ~Arti~
  • 22/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Hey Reggie, thanks for seeking this out on page 2! Comment much appreciated!!
  • 22/08 2007


    Another great image So real looking love it
  • 21/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Jan. It's true what I put in the first comment (alas, John is no longer with us!)... the sky was not manipulated-it was shot on film which probably introduced its own vibe to the colors. Maybe I should actually tone it down a bit, but as you
  • 20/08 2007

    Jan Rufelt

    Dramatic picture and very well put together! At first I thought the sky was to blue but when you look at the hole picture and the guys shirts it works fine. The look the guy on the left makes is great.....he is realy amazed. Good job!
  • 18/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thank you so much Emily. This was my very first manip image, so your comment is way appreciated... and thanks for checking out my spread in the mag!! BB
  • 17/08 2007

    Emily Kemper

    This is sooo cool saw this image in the magazine - well done!
  • 10/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Kurt, and it was a labor of love. Unfortunately you can't see the detail very well with this jpeg low resolution. And for those who are concerned...DISCLAIMER: No dolphins were harmed during the making of this image!
  • 10/08 2007

    Kurt Tutschek

    Poor dolphin. ;-) You did a great job, here. Bet it was a lot of work to create all the tiny droplets. -kurt
  • 24/07 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks for commenting John. The only things I did with this image were add the dolphin and the splashes and droplets surrounding it (painstakingly, drop by drop!), drew the line from the rod to the dolphin's mouth, and painted in the distant lightnin