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by Timothy Wise

Got tired of all the color so I figured I would design this image with just a hint of red. All images were taken here in Germany with my Nikon D300 and tweaked in PS CS2 Kind of Spanish Bull meets 300
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  • 20/05 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Eduardo! It's images like this that keep me interested in working on new styles. It's always fun to see what the result is after you try. These days I've been working on my Traditional paintings more than to get back
  • 19/05 2010

    Eduardo Rangel

    Thanks for your compliments about my work Timothy! They truly mean a lot. Wow, you work fast! You did this image in one day. I hope you keep experimenting with different subjects just like you have been doing so far. I know it's not easy to try differ
  • 17/12 2009

    Timothy Wise

    What happened to Frank? All of his comments dropped off of my images???
  • 09/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Alan, seems like everyone likes the boost in light effect on and around the bull. Fact is, it was an after thought the morning after working on the image and added at the last minute. I'm glad I did now, ha ha ha
  • 08/09 2009

    alan clarke

    great strong image and great composition ,and like the light on the edge of the bull nicely done 5
  • 08/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    No prob Sarah, I always take as many shots as I can when I go out just so I can use my own stock when it calls for it. Plus, the wife would kill me if I didn't use the camera after spending so much on it, ha ha ha
  • 08/09 2009

    Sarah Haras

    thanks for explaining
  • 08/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Ata
  • 07/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Magdalena. While it wasn't the true effect I was going for it quickly transformed into it earlier this morning when I was working on it. Thank you again!
  • 07/09 2009

    Magdalena Wozniak

    I would say Bull meets 300 in Sin City :) Great use of red. Very dramatic image.
  • 07/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    The family and I attended a show at a local zoo and there were Deer, Birds, and all kind of animals in open fields. This bull was walking back and forth during the bird show so I waited for him to lay down for a couple shots. The Owl in the other image
  • 07/09 2009

    Sarah Haras

    I agree with francula, it's strong because of the hint of red and the magnificent bull. Where did you find the bull, was he just lying in a field?
  • 07/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Frank, I started working on this image last night and woke early today to finish it. The bouncing rain was a product of a bad night sleep and a silent house. Left along with my thoughts and this is the result, ha ha ha.