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So Very Broken

by roberto blake

Digital Painting- So Very Broken model: Marcus J Ranum stock I've been working more with various digital painting and photo-manipulation techniques, toning and blending, with excellent results. Marcus J Ranum's stock is always excellent source material and very convenient to use! I had been trying to think of several concepts for this particular stock image for a while, I wanted to approach it in a unique way. The answer came from something I was writing in a short story which is where the title and theme of this image comes from. I used the word broken repetitively in the background, you can see it without looking to hard. I liked using type in an image this way I feel it added another dimension to the piece. I would really love any comments and critiques I can get on this image. Thanks! If people request it I will specifically make a wallpaper version of this available in different sizes on my website.
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  • 23/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Thanks you guys! I really appreciate the kind comments, this has probably been one of my most successful creations.
  • 22/09 2009

    Veronika Velkova

    Wonderful work!
  • 20/09 2009

    norfarman abdul rashid

    awesome....maybe you could teach me the way how you done it.
  • 18/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Thanks Mel, Sarah, Tim! Really appreciate your comments on this one, I have to say I honestly think this represents my best artistic work to date, as well as probably one of the more creative ways I've used typography to balance an image, will try to
  • 17/09 2009

    Melissa Davis

    I get blown away by your work...wonderful colours and image. Melissa x
  • 09/09 2009

    Sarah Haras

    great work, love the softness of the image, 5*
  • 09/09 2009

    Timothy Wise

    You know I love the typography in this image. I really like the overall feeling as well. Five
  • 09/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Wow, thanks Frankula, thanks everyone who commented and rated this. A lot of positive response for this one. I'm trying different directions with my art and design, trying to reach another level, any advice or suggestions are definitely appreciated to
  • 09/09 2009

    John Edward Arcilla

    great job on this image. i like it
  • 08/09 2009

    Alan Tye

    Nice composition! The font suits the image! Very well done!!
  • 08/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Thanks, Parvinder and Ricky, really worked hard on this one!
  • 08/09 2009

    richard turgeon

    Really nice and amazing work!
  • 08/09 2009

    roberto blake

    Thanks Dani, thanks Simon!
  • 08/09 2009

    Simon Skellon

    an excellently blended piece -nice 1
  • 08/09 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    lovely image, nice text and colour work. Lovely emotion