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Rat Cat

by Bill Funk

<span class="small">One of my favorites. Our kitten, OJ, was shot on the earth filled flower pot. The rat was killed by another cat who dragged it into our house, and I decided to take it&#39;s picture before giving it a proper burial. Used the same Elinchrom studio flash as with the kitten shot, hanging the rat by it&#39;s tail from a tripod. The flowers were crushed and shot separately, and all 3 elements were put together in Photoshop. The idea for the picture came to me when, as I was looking at the original photo of the kitten on the pot, the rat was dragged in... I waited till everyone else went to bed before doing the rat shoot session. Direction of lighting and shadow effects were important to make the collage look realistic.</span>
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  • 01/11 2007

    Bill Funk

    Hey Josie, thanks for commenting on Rat Cat. It's one of my favs, so your feedback is really appreciated. It wasn't especially hard work, but my verison of Photoshop (v6) doesn't the automated functionality of later versions so it did take a
  • 28/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    Cheers Mohammed!
  • 28/09 2007
  • 06/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    Richard, thanks for finding this all the way on page 2! Of all my stuff, this one is my favorite so it's really cool to get a comment on it as nice as yours.
  • 06/09 2007

    Richard Hubbard

    Hi Bill,I love images made up of totally unrelated photos.It's great when they gel together well,as yours do.You are an inspiration to us all (grovel,grovel) Seriously though Great Stuff!!R
  • 21/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks for the smile Rebecca. Hope to see more excellent work from you soon! BB
  • 17/07 2007

    Bill Funk

    Johanna, thank you so much for commenting. I actually cut off the end of the tail (in Photoshop of course-I'm not that bent!!) and just stuck it in the other corner of his mouth. I made sure that in the full print size version this looks really auth
  • 17/07 2007

    Joanne Johnson

    Well, glad you waited until all went to bed to photograph the rat. Lot of work and it shows! I was wondering how you got the rat's tail to curve just right!