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Mirro, Mirror

by Bill Funk

<span class="small">Our kitten OJ, gazing into a make-up mirror, watched over by curious cockatoo. Bird was photographed in pet store and added with Photoshop. I had to wait till OJ got totally tired before he&#39;d sit still... in the end I had to snap my fingers to get him to open his eyes.</span>
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  • 25/02 2011
  • 19/11 2008

    Loola Palooza

    Aww cute kitten. I love all things cat!!! Beautiful image. Thank you for your comment on my image. Yeah, there was a lot of blending going on in that image. It was my first original creation and was really proud of it.
  • 09/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    OJ was in that rare state between tired and sleep that it seems kittens get into about every half-hour... at which point they will do anything you want them to. It just took practice to know when it was going to happen. Alas, OJ is no longer with us and
  • 09/09 2007

    Ingela Svensson

    Oooh, what a lovely picture, why can´t I catch my cats in such moments? :) Really BB..wonderful image, sending greetings from my cats Mollie and Lakrits to OJ! :)
  • 06/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    Many thanks for the nice words Rich. The bird was actually the easy part-getting the kitten to look in the mirror was ridiculous as I couldn't control that with Photoshop. Like you noticed, it's the small nuances like the shadowing and direction
  • 06/09 2007

    Richard Hubbard

    This is a great image Bill,you did a good job catching the bird in an inquisitive pose - makes it look even more like it was actually in the scene.Also you have made an excellent job of adding the bird to the original photo,I would probably have forgotten
  • 21/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Rebecca, it's one of my favs too but never seems to get much of a look. I really appreciate your comment!
  • 20/08 2007


    thanks for the first comment on "The Terror Twins" picture:) P.S dont worry about the mix up
  • 20/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Hey Reggie, thanks for being first to comment on this! Cockatoos are awesome, and this guy had no problem letting me get close-wasn't even in a cage!
  • 20/08 2007


    I'v got a pet cockatoo so I realy like this one. P.S thanks for the comment :)