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My Alter Ego

by Melissa Davis

One day the ugly duckling will turn into an elegant swan...I always compare myself to other girls of my age and come well as working on art and photoshop I am working on my self esteem....thank you for your constructive comments on my images.
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  • 18/12 2009

    alan clarke

    Have a merry christmas and happy new year
  • 07/11 2009

    Barbi Buchanan

    great work Mel and i have to agree with everyone - Keep your chin up and smile - cause you do have a great smile & you have a lot of amazing talent & you will go far! :)
  • 28/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Thank you Izah, not been about much lately....lot of studying.
  • 28/10 2009

    Jo Martynka

    Devilish woman! Like it a lot!
  • 21/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Thank you Ricky and Ata.... all you guys on here are the top...hugs xx
  • 20/10 2009

    richard turgeon

    Nice work Melissa! +5 Effective impact and magical image! :)
  • 19/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Thank you Alan....wanted a white bright image...hugs xx
  • 19/10 2009

    alan clarke

    great afects love the composition and lighting and her eyes are great well done 5
  • 18/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Thank you Robeto..hugs xx
  • 18/10 2009

    roberto blake

    Nice work
  • 18/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Thank you everyone for your kind words and support. Sometimes is worse than others, if i get stressed my self esteem goes rock bottom, I supose todays society pushes the size 0 woman as normal...I know we are all different but sometimes I fall back into t
  • 18/10 2009

    Charlotte Salomon

    oh shiney i like! :)
  • 17/10 2009

    Bill Welch

    Mel, it is obvious that you put your heart and mind into your work. You will find that looks can only take you so far in life, the rest has to come from your personality. If looks were everything, I think there would be a LOT more turmoil in his world. Fo
  • 17/10 2009

    Robert Westerlund

    I´m a man and I agree with Red Cap Man. 5*
  • 16/10 2009

    Scott Maloney

    Hey Mel great picture, saw your pencil drawing and its amazing, your a fantastic artist most people cant draw or use photoshop or paint and you can do all three so don't be saying those things about yourself, and as far as the ugly duckling thing you
  • 16/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Yeah maybe a touch to much white..think I am going through a "white phase" lol..thanks Frank xx
  • 16/10 2009

    Melissa Davis

    Awww Thank you Zi-O for the kind comments...It's something I am working on...pressures of competing I supose. Hugs xx
  • 16/10 2009

    Zi O

    Ok Missy, this is very well done-but as for you comparing yourself to others and coming up short, NO~! Honest to Pete from the beginning I thought now this is such a cute girl not only her looks [via profile photo] but her style-!