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Starry Wishes For Vincent

by Lee Anne Kortus

This is a gift art work for Jaime, who is my 'adopted' niece. She recently had a beautiful baby boy who is named 'Vincent' after his father. The Starry Night by Van Gogh is one of her favorite paintings and one of mine as well. I thought it was fitting to do an painting for little Vincent that was a tribute to Vincent Van Gogh's most famous painting. Jaime, I hope you love it! I wish little Vincent all the starry wishes of the sky! This was a real stretch of style for me. The whole thing is painted with my Wacom in Photoshop. I have a whole new admiration for Van Gogh's style. I felt challenged and a bit uncomfortable with it at first, but in the end found it quite 'freeing'. Thank you for looking!!
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  • 30/01 2011

    Martina Kurt

    beautiful, beautiful, U are the second van Gogh! ;) 5*
  • 08/12 2009

    Heather Nicholson

    Love it! Fantastic work. Inspired me to post my Van-Goghesque piece, not as original as yours though :)
  • 29/11 2009

    richard turgeon

    Lovely painting and gift! Congrats for potw! :)
  • 27/11 2009

    Margaret Castoria

    Congratulations on picture of the week! Love your interpretation of Van Gogh. Starry night is one of my fav's too. You've tied it all together so well!
  • 27/11 2009

    Damiana M

    I love it. Truly beautiful. And I think it's a wonderful gift.
  • 26/11 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    wow brilliant work i love it, well done you!!!!
  • 25/11 2009

    Emily Moran

    This is absolutely brlliant and one of my favourite artists. You have done van gogh justice with you version
  • 24/11 2009

    Barbi Buchanan

    LeeAnne! Congrates!!! Well done-very impressive-with so much love in it as can feel it. Take care and have a great week! :)
  • 24/11 2009
  • 24/11 2009

    Lisa Westrope

    wonderful! and even though you were inspired by Van Gogh, i see your own touch included as well...a fabulous piece and truly a treasure for Vincent! :)
  • 24/11 2009

    susi Lawson

    This will be treasured for generations to come! Excellent job!
  • 24/11 2009

    Oksana Podrez

    Congratulations with the POTW Lee Anne! As soon as I saw your "The Butterfly Bringer" I thought it must be the POTW. But... not at that time... I love all of your gallery. Like your style of artwork. And this one is really deserved of the award. By the wa
  • 23/11 2009

    Andy Wells

    Wow. Lee Anne what a wonderful piece. It deserves a good close up view to really appreciate the work that you have put into it. Well done on getting POW
  • 23/11 2009

    Zi O

    Lee Ann K, congratulations-what a unique idea, I really like this! *S*
  • 23/11 2009

    Alan Tye

    Congrats on POTW Lee Anne! Well done!
  • 23/11 2009

    Cherilyn P

  • 23/11 2009

    Rosie Tanner

    Great image - fabulous take on a classic : )
  • 23/11 2009

    Lee Anne Kortus guys are great!! Thanks!! wow! I can't believe it...IoW!! That is soooo cool!!
  • 23/11 2009

    alan clarke

    gree with sarah you realy captured van gogh style beautifuly done 5
  • 23/11 2009

    Sarah Haras

    This is lovely Lee-Anne, think you've captured the Van Gogh style very well especially with the sky. And the idea is great :)