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Fun With Bubbles

by Marta K

Photoshop is my new addiction. And I'm just learning, but having so much fun. Here I wanted to capture what I feel when I watch fish swim in a happy environment. I love aquariums, and in fact I was just gifted one, but it will be a while before I can set it up, since the filters and all the other necessary equipment cost quite a bit. So needless to say this was a pleasure to make. The bubbles are actually Christmas lights bokeh, sprinkled with a rounded brush uploaded from Advanced Photoshop Magazine. Then I distorted and used a lot of gradient tool to complete my rainbow school of fish. I blurred some of the fishes in the back to create that illusion of depth. The final touch was cloning the bubbles back over, for even more depth. To make the fish blend in I used a blur tool to go over the cut out edges. This took about 2 days to create, told you, I'm just a newbie. = )
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  • 21/02 2010

    Irvan Risnandar

    good job...nice color n composition...
  • 08/02 2010

    Keith Reesor

    Amazing work Marta!! :)
  • 24/12 2009

    Timothy Wise

    I love the colors and flow of energy across the canvas on this. The image really pulls you in and is worth looking at for long periods of time ;-) Awesome job!
  • 18/12 2009

    Danielle Dixon

    great image really beautiful well done, you obviously have a talent for Photoshop
  • 16/12 2009

    Nick Tandy

    Fantastic image the colour is amazing. I too have chosen the fish in my image. I am new to this site and was wondering do you have to enter your picture to win photo of the week or does it just get picked from your gallery.
  • 15/12 2009

    Barbi Buchanan

    Wow! I am so happy for you!! You so deserve this-well done-welcome-can't wait to see more :) Enjoy :)
  • 14/12 2009

    Margaret Castoria

    Congratulations on picture of the week. Appreciate your description of how you got your results. The best way for me to pick up hints is to learn from others comments. Best colors!!
  • 14/12 2009

    Marta K

    Ok I'm going to totally sound like a kid, but oh my gosh thank you so much!! Now I'm addicted even more lol. Really though, what a wonderful compliment. I'm so glad that the energy I was trying to convey came through in this piece. Oh and I f
  • 14/12 2009

    Simon Skellon

    Colours are excellent, so vibrant and full of life
  • 14/12 2009

    Rosie Tanner

    love this image - so energetic and uplifting. I want to go swimming (somewhere tropical...!)
  • 12/12 2009

    Brian Magee

    A great image, I'd hang it on my wall at home! ..... Brian
  • 12/12 2009

    Barbi Buchanan

    Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to view & commment. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a great day!
  • 12/12 2009

    Barbi Buchanan

    hmmm-i guess the fist rating & comments did not work the first time-well anyhoot-hello and welcome-love your work!! :)
  • 11/12 2009

    Marta K

    Thank you Susi, Jean-pierre, Jack, Sarah and Robby. I really appricate all the comments. They are like fuel to my creative fire.
  • 11/12 2009

    Robby Montes

    wow,this is totally awesome! I love the used of the colors I just love it! :)
  • 11/12 2009

    Sarah Haras

    What a lovely image Marta, and it's nice you've described how you've made it. Love the colours you've used and the depth you've brought into the image
  • 10/12 2009

    Jean-Pierre Prieur

    Good job and viva photoshop ! :-)
  • 10/12 2009

    susi Lawson

    This is special!
  • 10/12 2009

    Marta K

    Thank you Brian, I hope there is lots more to come.