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The Ties That Bind

by Zi O

I visited my parents this weekend-I just happened to take my camera as this is my new policy have camera will travel-just in case I see something I want to snap. Well as I was driving I came upon an old abandoned farm house that reminded me of the one my grandparents lived in during the first years of their marriage as Gran-dad was a farmer. There was just something about this imaged that drew me in-this lonely vision housed in the midst of a stripped cotton field, so I snapped it. When I got home I tried to think of some way to use the images and this is what I came up with after photo manipulation of various means, one being adding four photos to create one. In the foreground is an old photo of my grandparents with their first of 8 children.
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  • 26/03 2010

    Latrenia Bryant

    So beautiful!! :)
  • 23/01 2010

    Zi O

    J. Hebert-thank you I do appreciate the view and your kind words! *S*
  • 22/01 2010

    Zi O

    Sarah, thank you so much-*S*
  • 22/01 2010

    Sarah Haras

    Fantastic Zi-O, the people and the house go very well together :). The sky looks beautiful, i like this one best too
  • 21/01 2010

    Margaret Castoria

    We're in agreement! Not on the choice between the two. They're both great, but, on the personal level. Thx for stopping by!
  • 21/01 2010

    Zi O

    Margaret, thank you very much-I think I prefer this one too....{I think?} but then creating especially when it speaks on a personal level is always a plus for me regardless of the outcome. *S*
  • 21/01 2010

    Margaret Castoria

    Beautiful! I love this one with the color added to the sky. Can really feel the sentiment. 5*