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Witnin The Pages Of A Book

by Kirsten Lane

This started of as a fashion design idea, I was watching ' Project Runway ' and all the creative challenges each week gave me a hankering for my days in Fashion Design. From there I decided I wanted to put the outfit on a conceptual character of my making, I have no name for her, but I know she has certain powers - the central being shamanic healer and warrior. This piece further developed as I became inspired by several books and movies, Inkheart, Too Many Curses and Jasmyn, to name the main ones. original size 2465x3965: Close Up Deatail's can be seen on: Resources used from dA: Reconstruction_Stock: AJK-Original-Stock: Adaae-stock: Holy-Win: jesuisautre: Ecathe: unholy-stock: Shooflystock: skinywitch: coldstock: Theshelfs: Superior-Stock: falln-stock:
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