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Moonlit Night

by Derek Brewster

It was now four whole weeks since he has appeared on the high balcony. She had heard nothing more than the light flapping of wings and there he stood, dressed totally in black, tall, dark and handsome, every girls dream! She looked him in the eyes and fell madly in love, He kissed her on the neck so passionately she wanted it to last for ever. Then he was gone, she never saw him leave but felt dizzy and weak from love. As she descended the staircase her legs trembled and were so week she has to take great care to avoid falling. She so pined for him, she returned to the balcony every night but he never appeared. Today was the full moon, the same as when he had first appeared, she was so in love, she so wanted him to return! All stock from Full list of credits can be seen at
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  • 11/02 2010

    amber jones

    Gorgeous atmosphere!
  • 11/02 2010

    Marta K

    OH the picture with the story, just brilliant. Keep them coming.
  • 11/02 2010

    Sarah Haras

    fantastic work
  • 11/02 2010

    Alan Tye

    I like the mood & lighting of the piece. Great work!! Right out of a Harlequin romance novel.