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Arm-me Of One

by Brian Watters

This Arm-Me of One is a blending of five or six (I'll have to check on that) self photos taken using a timer and tripod. Since nobody else I approached would pose for the shots, I had to get creative and figure things out. First I positioned the camera at a low angle on tripod and fixed a manual focus point at F16 so my end creature would fall away in depth of field as would a normal subject posing, if such a creature existed. Then I hung a white background which expanded to the floor to make later masking easier, providing more contrast between myself and that backdrop. Next I dropped coins on the floor in the positions over which I wanted to have my shoulders placed for each consecutive capture, to make repositioning after each dash to the camera to press the shutter release, easier to get into. I then arranged three lighting sources to cover the full length of my creature which didn't move, to make lighting and shadows remain consistent and to lighten the backdrop. After the captures were complete, I opened the RAW camera files in Adobe Photoshop CS4 camera RAW and adjusted the first image then applied those adjustments to the remainder. Next I collected all images into one, layering them in order of the head shot as the top layer and tail end as the bottom. Making the top layers invisible, I worked with my Wacom INTUOS 4 tablet to mask from the bottom upward until satisfied that all the background had been removed as well as unnecessary body and head parts. The rest was minor adjustments to contrast and blending techniques.
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  • 22/01 2013

    Kevin Baxter

    Again amazing work as most of the work done with photography then a little Photoshop as in mine the other way round more photoshop than photography. Brilliant
  • 14/03 2010

    Brian Watters

    Thank you, and I was wearing track pants when shooting, so there really wouldn't have been any possiblitiy of any-thing (grin) below the waste. :)
  • 04/03 2010

    Miguel Vazquez

    Nice work, Kind'of creepy but nice. Oh And thanks for not showing anything below the waist.