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by Zi O

A beautiful young goddess watched from afar the fleshly temptations of being human—intrigued by their needs and desires she sought permission from the gods to live among the mortals. Caught in a vortex of human emotions, the dark and the light- she was soon corrupted by the power and taste of passion-unable to contain the human desires her appetite grew insatiable. To feed her needs she abused her powers using potions of magical dust to seduce and destroy. The gods received word that the goddess had crossed over to the moon’s dark side-in a sweeping motion it was unanimous she must be dealt with as quickly as possible. With invisible lariats of silver and gold they imprisoned her soul- the goddess was cast to the dark castle 12th of Never- where she is to dwell alone for eternity. Through the ages her only visitors are night creatures that fly through time on emerald wings. They come to her to taunt and remind her of what she once was and never shall be. Today she remains a beautiful vessel empty and alone-In this prison of stone. My thanks to these who provided, The lovely model: The background: The gargoyle:
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  • 11/06 2010

    Zi O

    Izah, I haven't been around much these days-too many irons in the fire, but I was pleasantly surprised to see your comment. Thank you very much! *S*(
  • 08/06 2010

    Jo Martynka

    Lovely story and fantastic artwork to accompany it! Excellent!
  • 29/03 2010

    Zi O

    Hi Sarah thank you ! *S*
  • 29/03 2010

    Sarah Haras

    Like Margaret already said, quite different fromm your ususal style, but mmaybe you should make more things like this, it looks veery good
  • 29/03 2010

    Zi O

    Ata, hi there and thank you very much! *S*
  • 16/03 2010

    Zi O

    Dale-Anne thank you for your kind comment I do appreciate it very much! *S*
  • 16/03 2010

    Dale-Anne Peel

    Sorry Zi-o I miss this one,it brilliant.Very magical and excellent lighting detail,love it 5+++++
  • 11/03 2010

    Zi O

    Margaret, thank you very much. I did this a while back, but I didn't like the end results-it just didn't blend well. Then I decided to add the mist. Which I think sort of brought it together, I'm happy you noticed. As for will she receive a 2n
  • 10/03 2010

    Margaret Castoria

    Zi-O! This is so different from the rest of your gallery. The smoky mist is excellent. I love the story that goes along with it. My only question is; will she get a second chance? 5*!