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by Timothy Wise

I've been doing a lot of traditional painting lately so it was refreshing to get back into the digital for a minute. This is a design I created using Photoshop CS5 and Illustrator CS5 for work. I used the Wiesbaden, Germany Coat of Arms along with the eagle to represent the partnership between both America and German forces here in our local area. I've also used this to represent the two commands we represent. Overall it's clean and has an old world feel. You can see the carved out plaque of this image on my flickr site!
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  • 04/11 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you! This was done without the help of an Illustrator book so I thinks it's time I come off of a couple bucks and buy a how to book already. Illustrator is tough, ha ha ha.
  • 04/11 2010

    Baha Samman

    Awesome 5*
  • 08/10 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Scott! I've been working on other things lately so the Photoshop images have been pushed to the side for a little while. Sooner or later I'll get back into it.
  • 06/10 2010

    Scott Maloney

    Nice design, looks great Tim.
  • 18/08 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Alan, I did try this in color just for fun and it lacked the impact of the Black and White. Plus, it had to be Black and White for the CNC achine to cut it into wood so I had to give a little when thinking about the end product.
  • 18/08 2010

    alan clarke

    nice and clean image great in black and white have you try one with colour 5
  • 16/08 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you so much. I figure with time I'll be able to do more complex images. This was more of a test than anything else.
  • 13/08 2010

    Laura Salesa

    This is brilliant! Perfect result :)
  • 10/08 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks boss, this is pretty much what I can come up with after three weeks with Illustrator CS5. I really wish there was a dedicated Illustrator magazine.
  • 10/08 2010

    Relic Oboogie

    This is very cool Tim.
  • 10/08 2010

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks Roberto, just working out the kinks with Illustrator which has a huge learning curve. If you check out my flickr site you'll see where I CNCed this image into wood...Looks pretty awesome. Thanks again
  • 10/08 2010

    roberto blake

    Amazing work Tim! 5