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Nibiru Solar System

by Donell Hawks

I've been reading this book called, "The 12 Planet." It’s a very good book by Zecharia Sitchin. So I made my own Solar System up with the Famous Nibiru! It's past Pluto and is very close to our Solar system. It has its own plants and a whole theories base on these planets alone. It passes our Solar system every 3,600 years. Last time it was here was around the Egyptian times, explain there culture. It also explains how Geek and other mythologies were birth and how allot of famous disasters happen though out history. These being are very tall. It also ties into abductions and that move called, "the 4th kind." Nibiru is marked for a return around Dec. 2012. The end of the world, but who knows. It all theories anyway. In the picture: Nibiru, Pluto, Chiron, Dark Star, Quaoar, Sedna, Maldek, Anunnaki (Home world), Phaeton, Malona, and Malona
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