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by Elvis Souza

My angel of shadows In the abyss of hours inhabits my angel of shadows My poor child of darkness In her sad eyes the last throes Does this by collapsing on your future that lies in death bed The pain in your chest did address wove a dark robe of your dreams Now you're a servant of the curse that feeds on your tears 'll Be alone forever Wandering over the veil that reveals the dawn of time Revenge baffles The terror comes with tears in your apocalypse Angel falls asleep in this ordeal controversial and decadent Masquerade of life, but fragrant blood Guards in the seed of thy womb naked the wisdom that violent thy bitter dawn Makes you miserable dawn bleed What makes your posthumous agony The cup of wrath that turns your days in melancholy remembrance in disarray Fear not! Do not cry anymore! For it will always be saved for the puzzles that inhabit your filthy heart Do not you love me wrong For the smell of your meat cold Sentencia my fall And the kiss is present the curse and disgrace you offer me in devotion And the desperation of your farewell to save memory for ever the sweet poison of your chaste innocence By: Elvis
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