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by Donell Hawks

This is a edit base on my Son (the smallest one) n my nephews. I Created a mini comic book for them on Christmas n it may be available soon the purchase. details info coming soon. summary: Aliens has taking over the world! every single grown up is defeated and taken to an unknown world as Zoo animals to throw peanuts at. As the Aliens suck the earth dry of its recourses they moved on leaving there young behind to rebuilt the earth as there new play pin. The Aliens left all other low life forms alone on earth including Humanities young, figuring their kids can handle it. Faith always have a strange way of having an ace up its sleeve. five infants somehow drink Plutonium X mix with enfamil. maybe a scientist/father last result to help defend the earth. they gain powers and try to find away to take back the earth a save there parents.
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