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By The Light Of Jupiter Club

by Peter Krause

A bit of cosmic silliness to mark the end of a hiatus of creativity. Image may be subject to spontaneous metamorphosis or a vanishing trick. Music courtesy of, mostly, Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Frank Riggio, Clowns Smiling Backwards, & Klaus Schulze. Created in Photoshop CS2, Bryce and Artmatic Voyager. Model courtesy of "M J Ranum": I apologise to any German speakers if my words are incorrect. My German is very, very rusty and I wasn't that flash to begin with.
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  • 23/09 2011

    Peter Krause

    Appreciate your opinion. Many thanks MsgtBob. It is a would-be poster for a non-existent club. Just a bit of fun blending a few images. Cheers.
  • 21/09 2011

    Robert Muensterman

    Nice landscape! The spirit person might have looked better if the bottom left of the image were cloudy rather than that trail (just my opinion of course). That spaceship adds nothing, and might even be a little distracting. Was this a poster made for a