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Damn! Another Asteroid!

by Peter Krause

I was thinking Surrealism when I created this. The more artistically attuned may dispute that claim. However, I will pursue the Surrealism label. The planet and the asteroid were created in Bryce 6. The landscape created in Artmatic Voyager. The stars and nebula created in Photoshop CS2. My own photos used except for the following stock sources. The two human models courtesy of "mjranum-stock": The pelican courtesy of "CG Textures" As always this image may be subject to spontaneous metamorphosis or be entirely swallowed up by the very hungry spider in the centre of the picture. Who, I might add, was most annoyed at having his, or her, photo taken and refused to sign the model clearance form I was thrusting in its direction but I used the photo anyway obviously.
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  • 26/01 2012

    Peter Krause

    Many thanks Robert. Appreciate it. Cheers.
  • 25/01 2012

    Robert Muensterman

    Scary Surrealism - Dali better be afraid, be very afraid (mwahaha)! :)