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Noah's Ark

by Bill Funk

Composite of more than 20 photos. Basic view from Cape St. Vincent in southern Portugal, lightning from a shot out of my bedroom window, and most of the animals from a local zoo -except for the wilderbeests which are ambiotronic robots from the African River Safari at Disney in Orlando. Human figures on deck drawn with Photoshop&#39;s paint tools.<span class="small"></span>
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  • 16/03 2008

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Leilani, this was just one of those jobs where the composition came together by itself... and with the beauty of that Algarvian coastline, it was hard not to get a compelling shot. Cheers for taking the time to comment!
  • 16/03 2008

    Elaine Figueroa

    Great image. I like the crow in the foreground and the bit of lightning. Cool image.
  • 17/12 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Paola, many pass over this one so I'm happy you stopped to comment, and I can see that you actually look closely and evaluate. That is SO appreciated!
  • 16/12 2007

    Paola Jofre

    Very creative Bill :) I really like the drama in the sky and the placement of the ark.
  • 21/10 2007

    Peter Clark

    Ah, this is an amazing use of sources. All the propotions and the colors look perfect. I love the lightning stike you have in the back, did you make it with a brush tool?
  • 18/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Many thanks Charles. Your gallery is one rockin' place to be!! BB
  • 18/08 2007

    Charles Winslow

    Awesome work Bill!
  • 06/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Joanne. The buildings were drenched in some pretty intense Algarvian sunlight so there wasn't much I could do... truth is, I hadn't actually noticed. I have to say though that the low rez jpeg version here doesn't allow much dynamic c
  • 06/08 2007

    Joanne Johnson

    I like this, Bill. The only thing (and this is personal opinion) is the amount of constant light on the buildings. Zoomed in to see your figures! Great! Joanne
  • 30/07 2007

    Bill Funk

    Many thanks Susi for the comment and encouragement!
  • 30/07 2007

    susi Lawson

    Great imagination and carry through!