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by Paola Jofre

Used two images i took last summer.  Background is blueberry patch and then the vintage car shot.  I didn't like the background of the car image so that is why i used the blueberry patch one. I liked the red in the field and the level it was at.  I used a filter for the motion blur.  First time doing this any suggestions would be appreciated. 
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  • 20/02 2008

    Paola Jofre

    Thank you Very much Bob!! I have a weakness for vintage cars. This summer I will have the chance to go to a car lot full of vintage cars. New and old. I can hardly wait.
  • 19/02 2008

    Bob Kramer

    Paola, I really like this image .......... love the car and your motion gives it a great feel. I do a lot of car photos and really appreciate seeing others. Great job. Bob
  • 19/02 2008

    Paola Jofre

    Thank you :)
  • 16/02 2008

    Richard Adams

    very well done,i haven't tried the motion blur on any images yet.If you can get hold of it there is a book called How To Cheat In Photoshop CS3 by Steve Caplin.Full of useful ideas.