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Sylvan Pool

by Heather Nicholson

My very first attempt at a photo realistic fantasy image, did it about 5 years ago. Composed of about 20 different photos. Comments and critic welcomed.
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  • 31/08 2007

    Richard Hubbard

    Lovely picture Heather,If only my first attempt (or the last one) were as good.Love the portrait of me leering from the tree trunk.R
  • 31/08 2007

    Heather Nicholson

    Thanks for the comments. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you all, due to on going computer problems.
  • 13/08 2007

    F C

    I absolutely love Fantasy Art and although this is excellent I feel it is too dark to fall directly in to that category. I would have put the figure just slightly more to the left of the image and made it slightly larger just to make it clearer and to le
  • 06/08 2007

    Jack Chalmers

    Heather, a very complex image and interesting to look at, Perhaps it gets busy around the winged figure making it diificult to define, but perhaps that was your intention, only an observation and not criticism
  • 06/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    I like your idea of combining so many images as much of my stuff is done this way. Great effort on this one, especially as it was your first!