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A Lot Of Gas

by Kevin Gilmartin

The Photoshop Creative hardcore will remember this one as the result of a tutorial in issues 5 and 6.<br />***<br />The nebula is messy and unstructured, the planet texture is mince and space is purple. But aren&#39;t the rings nice?<br /><br />These 2 tutorials got me into Photoshop as a hobbyist after using purely to make twee web banners for 3 years. So as crappy as this one is it has a place in my heart.
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  • 12/08 2007

    Kevin Gilmartin

    Lol! Thanks mate, I'm sure your stuff is just fine. A college friend of mine would say there's no such thing as crap art, just different tastes. I tried to look at your stuff but there were no images there :( I'll keep a weather eye on the ho
  • 11/08 2007

    F C

    Well it's official I am totally crap. If you can pick holes in this then I'm not only a novice I don't belong on this planet, maybe I belong on your planet. I gave this a 4 star rating coz you don't like it, personally it's worth at