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Candy Apple

by Bill Funk

Due to request, here's Big Apple in color.   Please view at enlarged size... does it work better in BW?
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  • 21/06 2008

    Bill Funk

    Thanks Andy. not the first time this has been likened to Blade Runner... which is cool cause it's one of my all time favs!
  • 20/06 2008

    Andy Wells

    This definitely has a touch of the sci fi about it, even though we know it's not. The exposure and colour evokes Blade Runner
  • 11/09 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thanks again Jay. I also took one in the Chrysler direction out of duty, but it didn't have the dynamic that this had. Please copy/paste this link to my Redbubble page, and click on the picture for the hi rez version. I think you'll dig it more
  • 11/09 2007

    jay monk

    b&w all day long for me bill, still a great shot tho, nice change from the "chrysler" direction too.(cant stop looking at the b&w version, it is a treat, especially in hi res)
  • 09/09 2007

    F C

  • 13/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Thank you Casey for your comment and for linking me to your gallery. Our styles are very different, but your stuff is as amazing as your imagination. And thanks for the congrats-nice to know that issue finally came out in the US. I kept telling my mo
  • 13/08 2007

    Casey Castille

    I prefer it in color, actually. It has a sparkle and life to it that the b&w doesn't have. Saw your work in the latest issue - congrats!
  • 13/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Cheers Kevin, it's one of the most vibrant views in the world... make sure you see it at night-closes at 11 PM last I heard.
  • 12/08 2007

    Kevin Gilmartin

    Ah now, it has the exact opposite effect to the BW (which I guess makes sense.) Where the BW version invokes Gotham City and The Crow and dark stuff this instead looks vibrant and alive. I was particularly struck by the individual lights in the window