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by Andy Wells

My girlfriend and I spent a really nice 3 day trip to the Big Apple back in February and I took tons of photos...The Crysler Building was one of my favourite targets but took others well. <br />Back in Norway a few weeks later I was in an Oslo recording studio and saw this great photo on the wall of Times Square and it gave me the idea for the picture you see below.<br />I copied the photo and desaturated it. Then using the magnetic lasso tool, I erased the top layer of each cab to reveal the colour beneath. Then a little use of hue and saturation just add a little accent to the colour.<br />The motion blur filter wqs used to create the idea that the cab is moving as the traffic was at gridlock.
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  • 23/05 2008

    Andy Wells

    Thanks for the comment Norrlandia. I think it adds a certain interest to the photo. I may see if I can apply a similar feel to some of the other NY pics that I have
  • 22/05 2008

    Robert Westerlund

    New York, New York and all those yellow cabs. It was a good idea to use the the motion blur filter, I think. Nice!