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Where Do Machines Go When They Die? 2

by Andy Wells

I decided that the first picture of the same name was a little rushed and in some ways I think it showed.<br /><br />This took me about 3 days to complete and I am really happy with this.<br /><br />I used the burn tool mainly for exaggerating the shadows and rust effect. I used various brushes for the clouds, smoke, grass and the vines you can see on the steamroller.<br /><br />The lasso tool was used extensively to remove the various machines from their original picutres, but also to create the broken glass effects as well as to remove unwanted items from the picture.<br /><br />Clouds were by courtesy of&nbsp;
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  • 04/09 2009

    Andy Wells

    I can't believe that out of 158 viewings, no one commented or rated this picture...