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The Skull 3

by Andy Wells

The final skull picture for the moment...<br /><br />I was inspired to create this from a picture I found in Advanced PS magazine issue 43. It was called &quot;Angel Of Death&quot; by Lisa Herron.<br /><br />The skull is a stock photo, layered with shades of white through to dark grey colour . I removed the underlying jpeg after the painting was complete. <br />The wings were drawn and painted from scratch, using a template I created with the pen tool and added a base colour. This was also removed once the design was completed.<br /><br />I am quite proud of the wings...they took me a while to complete. I layered a series of shades from white to black, using a small soft brush and then used the smudge tool at 25% opacity to move the paint around and create the feather tips.<br /><br />For the smoke layer, I created a new layer and filled it with clouds and added a layer mask set to Hide All. Using a soft brush set to white, opacity 50%, I brushed around the areas where I wanted the smoke to appear.
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