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Running Out Of Time

by Andy Wells

In a former life I sold feature advertising for a local newspaper. One feature we did was titled &quot;Make A Will&quot; and the target advertisers were lawyers. I asked one of my clients if he would advertise and he said he would but he had no time to discuss the artwork for the ad and would I take care of it.<br />I originally used a clipart picture of a old watch, the type that would hang from a chain on a waistcoat and drew the Roman numerals flooding out of the watchface. I gave the design to the art department who came up with the ad. The slogan that ran with the ad was &quot;Time is running out. Make a will today.&quot;<br />A few days after the ad ran, the lawyer called me to ask me what the ad was all about. So I explained the concept of time running out. I asked him if he was okay with it and he said that he had rung because he was getting flooded with phone calls asking what the ad was about. He managed to get quite a bit of business from it. Ah the power of advertising.<br /><br />So after that long story, this is an updated version of that ad design. It&#39;s my watch, and I used the liquified filter and the smudge tool.
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  • 28/08 2010

    Andy Wells

    It's been a while since I viewed this image...Thanks to Ivan, Mimika and Ricky for the comments...much appreciated :)
  • 29/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Let me remember of Salvador Dali! Great job Andy! Very original! :0)
  • 19/10 2008

    Dimitra Papadimitriou

    really beautiful concept:)
  • 09/06 2008

    Ivan Perov

    An amazing idea, what better could be said. I would say that there is many ways where you could use this idea. I will keep it in mind. Thanks Andy-P
  • 05/06 2008

    Andy Wells

    Great...thanks for that Dani...I'll make sure to buy the magazine next month
  • 05/06 2008

    Danielle Dixon

    hello, the vector piece you commented on is actually coming out in issue 36 of PC! : )
  • 04/06 2008

    Andy Wells

    Thanks for your kind words GoddessEternal
  • 03/06 2008

    Nicole Jenkins

    Ooh, I really like this one! It's a great concept, and the picture is really well done. Great job!
  • 03/06 2008

    Andy Wells

    Thank you ladies (:
  • 02/06 2008

    Rosie Tanner

    nice concept
  • 02/06 2008

    Danielle Dixon

    good work and a good story to go with it :)