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by Bret Malley

I do all my own photography. How it was made: Took several photographs of my fiance's face and hand (with setting up the right lighting), took several pictures of a local frog (for eyes), took water and fire shots from some years ago- and my picture of a parana from peru- add in some rust texture from some metal at my house and there ya go! The rest is just layer masking, color adjustments, curves, and a whole lot of lighting layers and drawing with a nice wacom tablet. I've decided to really learn phtoshop this summer-
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  • 19/06 2009

    KA Popovic

    Unusual and interesting; very nice!
  • 21/10 2008

    Mateusz Sypien

    i like this one so much!
  • 21/06 2008

    Bill Funk

    Bret, you got an amazing effect with this and i love your detail and electric colors too. But what i really dig is that you used all your own stuff, which I really believe pushes creativity. Good thing you got the tablet... this stuff is impossible with
  • 17/06 2008

    Bret Malley

    hmmm- yeah- Can't say why though- but it does have that feel :-) GoddessEternal, Really glad that you like it- and thank you for your kind comments. Using my own images makes it feel more mine, heh, thank you for noticing :-) !
  • 16/06 2008

    Andy Wells

    Kind of reminds me of The Matrix in a way
  • 14/06 2008

    Nicole Jenkins

    Wow, that is amazing. I love the fact that you use all your own photos, it really adds to the whole feel of the picture. It's a great image, thanks for sharing it with us!