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Fly Away Peter, Fly Away Everybody Else

by neil mcclennan

I must say a quick thanks to my dog  Elwood, who was my assistant in getting all the gulls into the air at the same time!
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  • 20/08 2007

    neil mcclennan

    Thanks John, glad you like it.
  • 17/08 2007

    john rae

    This ones a wall hanger. the sloping horizon adds to the movement and the colours are just right, nice one
  • 17/08 2007

    neil mcclennan

    Hi Frank, I really appreciate the comments. I also feel as you do, that it is always preferable to start off with a good image, pre-manipulation. Otherwise you can sometimes end up with just effects rather than substance.
  • 16/08 2007

    F C

    This is a lovely tranquil image, it's been beautifully put together, I like images that stand on their own then can be put through PS and turn in to a minor work of art. I still believe that being a competent photographer should come first and then m
  • 15/08 2007

    neil mcclennan

    cheers Kurt, I'm hoping to get this one printed onto Acrylicize, which is a kind of perspex, as the pastel colours really lend themselves to that medium, and it makes a nice change from canvas.
  • 15/08 2007

    Kurt Tutschek

    very cool - has a painterly touch. -kurt
  • 15/08 2007

    neil mcclennan

    Hi Casey, thanks for the comment! It was a combination of Diffuse Glow and Aetherize, which is a Flaming Pear filter. I'm kind of addicted to it I think ;-)
  • 15/08 2007

    Casey Castille

    This title made me chuckle! Very nice image - I love the gossamer effect of the water. Was that a Diffuse Glow? Thanks for checking out my gallery and for your comments! Glad to know ya! :)