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Climbing Towards The Light

by neil mcclennan

This shot was tinted in Lightroom and then I cloned out most of the rest of the detail. It's actually a spiral staircase she is climbing. I need to play around with this image a bit more as the some of the details aren't totally blitzed out yet. But still, I like it.
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  • 23/08 2007

    F C

    I agree with Billyboy the cool tone for me anyway lifts the image above ordinary, the lighting seems a little harsh for my taste but in fairness this will work for some and not for others and at the end of the day, Who am I!
  • 18/08 2007

    neil mcclennan

    Thanks BB!
  • 17/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Neil, I love the perspective of this as well as your monochrome vibe. Cool image! BB
  • 17/08 2007

    neil mcclennan

    Thanks John, you've given me an idea. I'll play around with rendering difference clouds to get more of a dappled effect. I'm sure I've seen a lot of tutorials on the web regarding underwater lighting effects. I just need to hunt them out.
  • 16/08 2007

    john rae

    nice neil, it has an underwater feel to it,and a tension. Not sure i would hang it on the wall, but it is a compelling image