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Ghost Ship

by richard turgeon

Brushes from -<br /><br />A picture of&nbsp; Tadoussac, near Saguenay Lac-St-Jean. I was inspired by whales and belugas when I took this picture with my digital camera, even though there were few of them that day. Initially, you could mostly see them on cloudy or rainy days. The boat wasn&#39;t the one I was in...;0) it is an archive photo taken from my girlfriend inside a shopping center a long time ago. I just cuted the excess around and brought it inside a new layer with a hard light blending option. Then added multiple clouds at the background along with a lightning effect and played with white brushes for contrast. The compass is an addition made with Illustrator. Feel free to drop any comments or critics.<br /><br /> &copy; Copyright Info. Please, none of my artworks can be stolen, copied, sold or put anywhere outside my personal places. I don&#39;t wish myself to see copies of my pictures. Please, respect my work and don&#39;t use my art in any way without my permission! Thanks for your cooperation :0)
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  • 24/02 2015

    richard turgeon

    Thanks a lot Kolan! :D
  • 23/11 2009

    richard turgeon

    Thanks for your generosity and the kind words Brian! :)
  • 22/11 2009

    Brian Magee

    I've been looking at your Gallery, it's impossible to choose just ONE image, I give 5*s to everything ... wonderful work!
  • 30/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Thank you Angela! You made my day feeling bright again!
  • 30/10 2008

    Angela Giusto

    Very nice work! Great gallery.
  • 28/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Thanks a lot Mark! Always happy to hear from you!
  • 27/10 2008

    Mark Gilder

    Again Ricky. STUNNING piece of work. Mark
  • 23/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Obrigado Mirian!
  • 23/10 2008

    Mirian Montagni de Bakker

    lovely image,5*
  • 05/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Hi Joshpasq! Thank you very much!
  • 03/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Thanks Ata! I appreciate it!
  • 02/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Hmmmm! You keeping me unsure! hahaha ;0) Well, thanks from both comments!
  • 02/10 2008

    Andy Wells

    I disagree with scarfcigi8. I think the flower brush at the corners finishes of a really nice composition. It gets a 5 from me too
  • 01/10 2008

    richard turgeon

    Thanks! No hard feelings from your critic, I'll take it into consideration! There is a new pic made just for you! It's called "Ufo at the Sahara"
  • 30/09 2008

    sylvia bisotti

    The composition is beautiful and in my opinion is really worth, there is a little thing that in my opinion could have been avoided and is the flower brush at the corners. In any case is a 5.