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Grandad Restored

by Kevin Gilmartin

We found this photo on Janice&#39;s mum&#39;s PC when I went round to fix the internet connection a few days ago.<br /><br />We think it&#39;s Janice&#39;s grandad but we&#39;re not sure yet, I decided to touch it up a bit just in case; it&#39;ll be a nice surprise for the future mother-in-law!<br /><br />Critique welcomed, as always. Please view full size to see the extent of the restoration.
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  • 22/08 2007

    Kevin Gilmartin

    Cheers Billy. I did some cloning on the face as the wrinkles on the temple and jawline are photo damage. You can see where they join the background damage if you look <i>reeeaaaally</i> closely.<br /><br />I kept the original background because I liked th
  • 22/08 2007

    Bill Funk

    Hey Kevin, cool job on grandad-in-law! You did a good job cloning out the bad bits, and I think maybe you didn't have to do as much softening on the face as there was hardly any damage there (checked it out in the large view and it seems there are on
  • 22/08 2007

    Kevin Gilmartin

    Thanks guys.<br /><br />Yeah, you're right Dani - now that I look at it with fresh eyes the restored image is a bit unfocussed on the face. Not sure how that happened, unless I forgot to de-select the face when I applied a very slight <i>Dust and Scratche
  • 22/08 2007

    Danielle Dixon

    nicely done, i would maybe suggest just sharpening the new image up just a little in the face, its nicely done though
  • 22/08 2007

    Richard Hubbard

    Excellent restoration work.Well done