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Kage Vector

by Timothy Wise

<p>As an artist I know I have limitations and work hard daily to learn new styles to overcome those limitations.&nbsp; This is my attempt to&nbsp;design a vector style image using only Photoshop Brushes.&nbsp; While not the best, it is a form of growth as an artist.</p> <p>Before and after</p>
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  • 15/04 2009

    Timothy Wise

    Thanks for the feedback Martin, I've since left this style behind for a bit to work on other methods of art.
  • 21/03 2009

    Martin J. Craggs

    you did good with the shadow in the hair.. but the skin is missing the shadows... i think this would do the image good.. left cheek is a little to much shadow... 2 stars.. keep up the work
  • 16/11 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you Twiggy, this is a really tough style to do and have since moved onto something different. I plan to do more like this when I get Illustrator since this was done with PS brushes. Best wishes
  • 14/11 2008


    I love this, I have been tryin these kind of pieces for a LONG time and can not get them right, you have done such a great job (5*)
  • 17/10 2008

    Timothy Wise

    The vector style is simple carlsson and with further training I'll be able to bump it up a step. I understand a little German so that's fine. I'm American but I work here in Germany
  • 16/10 2008

    Urban Carlsson

    Vector art sieht einfach, aber es ist wirklich schwierig. Ich glaube, Sie haben eine wirklich gute Arbeit mit diesem Bild. Ich hoffe, Sie verstehen mein Deutsch :)5*
  • 16/10 2008

    Timothy Wise

    Thank you! I know it's not the worst I could have done but with PS Brushes instead of Adobe Illustrator vectors it will have to do, ha ha ha. Thank you again
  • 16/10 2008

    Jaco Schoeman

    Not the best? HAH!!! You haven't seen my "attempts" at vector imaging!!! I give this a 5*... Trust me, another problems that an artist face is to realise how good your work really is!!! Nice job - really!!! ;-)