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Lee Anne Kortus

Member since: 17th Mar 2009
Location: Texas, USA
Occupation: Graphic Artist
Interests: digital painting, illustration, fantasy
Bio: Day-dreamer, free-spirit, gypsy soul. Lover of secret forests and seeker of hidden treasures. I have been an avid reader of faerie tales and fantasy from a very young age. Those stories in turn influenced my expressions in art and in my own writing. Raised in the southern United States, I spent many a summer barefoot and as close to nature as possible. I love animals and they creep into my art frequently…be they real or imaginary. I spent many years working in traditional media; watercolor, oils, pencils, and pastels. In recent years I have come to love digital painting and now dabble my fingers in Photoshop’s paints on a regular basis. My favorite artists are O’Keefe, Mucha, Susan Sedon Boulet, Michael Parkes, Waterhouse, Canty and Van Gogh. These are the most well known but I am influenced on a daily basis by the beautiful works I have seen by contemporary artists in the digital art communities I belong to as well.

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