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ayjey illustration

Member since: 27th Dec 2007
Location: nashville
Occupation: artist
Interests: art, anatomy, movies, music, writing, nature, water, outdoors, every day and every minute
Bio: I was raised by the blue water Great Lakes and trained in the south at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I began my education as a fine art painter in mostly oils, and transferred to illustration to experiment with a variety of mediums and styles. I fell in love with Prismacolour pencils.... ...and then I was forced to take that one required computer class! I had never used a computer before age 23, still today I resist the urge to smack the monitor or apply tin foil when things do not go as planned. I began by merely scanning and preparing work for printing, only recently did I begin to make entirely digital paintings. I love observing people, as exciting as the Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom! Therefore, most of my paintings are of people be they portraits of loved ones, heros, celebrities, or fantasy characters.

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